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Making and crafting ornaments is an ability that describes the adroit work of a skilled designer. The elegant design of jewellery defines the authenticity and social status of an individual. The experienced and skilled team of artisans at Jewel's by Ashish creates a unique range of tiara. In the manufacturing process, some cost gets involved in the form of fixed and variable manufacturing costs.

Our artisans made jewellery by a wax carving and use plaster to make a mold. Miniature sculptures will be engraved by our designers in preparation for wax casting. Continuing the ancient process of the wax, models were carved and embedded in plaster. The models were burned to create a long-lasting impression. Precious metals were melted by torch and thrown into the cavity with a manually wound centrifuge. The entire process passes through Waxing, Casting, Stone Cutting, Soldering, Filling, Gemstone sets, Beading, and Polishing.